IDEX Helps with China’s Coronavirus Response

Company News
March 2, 2020

As the magnitude of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan, China became clear, the Chinese government mobilized its resources and set out to build two new hospitals in less than two weeks. To help make it happen Chinese government suppliers reached out to IDEX China for several mission-critical components.

Even though businesses were already closed for the Lunar New Year holiday and many employees had begun traveling to visit family for the holiday break, the great teams of IDEX assembled and shipped a variety of orders for coronavirus response.

The IDEX efforts have included:

  • Pulsafeeder SPO donating LB series and LCC4 dosing pumps to the Red Cross of Yangzhou to disinfect waste water in the new hospitals;
  • BAND-IT supplying clamps for 1,300 new ambulances and other vehicles for emergency medical transport;
  • Gast delivering pumps for ventilation in the hospitals; and
  • IDEX Health & Science providing degassers, tubing and connections for blood chemistry analyzers, and tubing and connections for Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzers.

IDEX China continues to place the health of its employees above all else, checking daily on not only the health of our employees, but also their families. We are proud of IDEX teams in China who contributed to the hospital and ambulance building projects. Please keep our Chinese colleagues in your thoughts during this challenging time.

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