IDEX Fire & Safety Reveals New Solutions at Major North American Trade Show

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April 19, 2024

IDEX Fire & Safety revealed new products this week aimed at helping firefighters more quickly knock down flames, whether the blaze is in a building or a wildfire in the brush.

New Monitor for Structure Fires

The Akron Brass team released the next generation of its Akron Apollo monitors.

The new TerraStream line is designed to be lighter and easier to carry – with a single point handle – so

they can be moved into position quickly when every second counts. They also feature quick connects and a new leg design for faster deployment.

Also known as water cannons, firefighting monitors are designed to put a high volume of water on a fire from a fixed position. While some are placed on the ground, others are affixed to fire trucks.

Touch Screen Controls for Brush Fire Trucks

The Hale Products team unveiled Wildcat, its all-in-one control solution designed to simplify and enhance the essential operations of quick-attack brush trucks.

Generally smaller than a standard fire truck, brush trucks are usually four-wheel-drive and designed to go offroad, delivering water, equipment, and firefighters to wildland fires.

WildCAT allows firefighters to attack the most challenging fire scenarios with complete control of critical functions through an intuitive multi-station touchscreen interface.

The solution is designed to be easy to use, so water can flow as soon as its needed. WildCAT puts instant control features at a firefighters’ fingertips when responding to fast-paced wildland firegrounds. Designed to be in the cab and at the pump, the system lets firefighters take control of essential functions from one of two display screens to gain every advantage on the fireground while stationary or when maneuvering through rugged wildland terrain.

Our team unveiled and demonstrated their products inside and outside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis at the annual FDIC International convention, the leading North American trade show for fire and rescue professionals.

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