IDEX Fire & Safety Introduces SAM™ Monitor Control, HURST Jaws of Life Launches New Rescue Tools

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May 11, 2022

IDEX Fire & Safety (IF&S) recently unveiled new products at the International Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), one of the largest tradeshows for Fire & Rescue professionals in the world.

The IF&S team announced the launch of SAM Monitor Control, a new feature on the SAM™ flow control system,  which allows users to work the SAM™ Monitor from the Control Center or optional tablet, providing more flexibility for movement around the fireground and fire apparatus.

SAM, which launched in 2019, decreases the workload of the pump operator, allowing them time to focus on their crew and stay ahead of water supply issues. At the same time, SAM’s ability to allow the operator to control the truck from either side lets the operator stay in better visual contact with the crew and the fireground, amplifying their problem-solving capability, ability to stay ahead of crew needs, and option to always pump from a safe location on roadway incidents.

With the new SAM Monitor Control and the 2021 launch of SAM Smart Nozzle with N2P Technology, IDEX Fire & Safety continues to modernize firefighting technologies to address the challenges firefighters face on the fireground.

HURST Jaws of Life® also announced the release of a new Ram Claw, along with the expansion of its recently launched eDRAULIC® 3.0 (E3) line, adding the R 320 E3 Mini Ram to the product family.

The new Ram Claw set is designed to support “cross-ramming,” a technique used to push deformed body panels out of the way, clearing room for patient extrication from vehicles. It also provides increased surface area to ensure that material can be pushed away, rather than pierced, allowing for creation of an anchor point outside of standard push points.

The new R 320 E3 Mini Ram, which expands HURST Jaws of Life’s collection of E3 Ram offerings to three, allows first responders to create wide rescue openings in small places. The R 320 E3 Mini Ram is 13.39 inches long when retracted and extends to 25.2 inches. At just 29.32 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver and is quieter than any HURST Jaws of Life Ram.

Launched in 2021, E3 takes HURST Jaws of Life’s battery-powered extrication tools and makes them faster, and operational in both fresh and saltwater. Included on all E3 tools, the R 320 E3 features a smart tool dashboard providing the tool operator with live, visual and easy-to-see tool feedback. The dashboard includes a power level indicator, which alerts the user to real-time power level, and a battery charge status indicator, ensuring the operator is aware of runtime in real time.

IDEX Fire & Safety includes Akron Brass, Alco, AWG, Captium, Class1, Dinglee, Godiva, Hale, HURST, LUKAS, Vetter, and Weldon.

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