IDEX Fire & Safety Collaborates with Microsoft on “Smart Truck” IoT

Company News
November 25, 2019

In a case study and video, Microsoft recently featured the new “smart truck” technology created by IDEX Fire & Safety in partnership with REV, manufacturer of the highly-rated E-ONE Fire and Rescue vehicles.


This new IoT (Internet of Things) system monitors emergency vehicles – from their engines to their pumps and valves – to better anticipate maintenance needs before a truck breaks down, putting lives and property at risk.


The system uses Windows 10 IoT and Azure to connect the numerous systems and components of the fire truck, providing technicians and maintenance crews with real-time insights into a vehicle’s health.


These diagnostic insights and network capabilities are helping technicians and maintenance crews increase vehicle reliability, reduce downtime, and ultimately save lives.


To watch the Microsoft video, click here


To read the full Microsoft case study, click here

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