IDEX Energy Partners with Boys & Girls Club, Teaches Students about Engineering & Physics

Company News
May 31, 2022

Leadership team members from the IDEX Energy group, which includes Advanced Flow Services (AFS), FlowMD, Toptech Systems, and Sampi, recently gathered in Florida and participated in a volunteer activity with the East Altamonte Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida (BGCCF).

A group of more than fifteen leaders visited the local BGCCF facility and partnered with thirty students (ages 6-12) to build zipline racers using basic engineering & physics concepts. Students were introduced to concepts such as kinetic energy, thrust, velocity, and torque.

With leaders divided into seven groups, IDEX volunteers guided students through the activity, using paper clips, popsicle stick frames, propellers, and rubber bands.

“After some trial and error, most of the racers went very fast. All the students had a blast,” said Arianna Harris, Marketing Manager at Toptech. “There were oohs and aahs and even applause after each racer successfully finished the course.”

Students also enjoyed pizza and cupcakes to celebrate a few of the IDEX volunteer birthdays and IDEX team member Gabriele Attala even taught students a few phrases in Italian.

Over the years, Toptech has partnered closely with the East Altamonte Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, including hosting many events and even building a technology and activity center.

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