Fluid Management Releases AccuSmart Series for Enhanced Productivity, Ease of Use

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June 14, 2021

Workers in paint departments of large hardware stores and paint manufacturers will have an easier job maintaining their equipment thanks to innovations by an IDEX company. A leader in paint dispensing equipment, mixers and shakers, Fluid Management today announced the release of their Accusmart Dispenser Series.

Based on voice of the customer (VOC) research in the early stages of product development, the team aimed to relieve a major pain point for paint operators – daily maintenance.

In the past, paint operators would have to “purge,” or clean, the tiny tubes of their dried colorants at the end of each day to ensure dispense accuracy and prevent mistinted paint colors. The machine includes a new sealing system that reduces the risk of colorants drying in the tubing and nozzle.

With new Dew Point Intelligence (DPI™) at the core of the dispensers, colorants dry less quickly, enabling operators to purge less frequently and waste less paint.

“The AccuSmart™ series are not just “tinters” they are the “smart” choice to help drive our customers’ Paint business and growth initiatives,” said IDEX Global Dispensing President, Ana Garcia.

“While achieving unparallel levels of reliability and user experience, the technology advancements on our patented DVX Pumps with extreme steady flow and our unique DPI™ nozzle system result on unsurpassed value, up to 80% dispensing productivity gain, and less than 6 month ROI to our customers,” she said.

Additionally, the Fluid Management team sought to develop an easy-to-use machine for less experienced paint operators. Building upon a previous iteration of the product, the team added 13 LED lights to better guide users on where to place the paint bucket for dispensing, avoiding accidents where colorant misses the mark and spoils a can of paint.

The Accusmart AS7500 and AS9500 dispensers are also equipped with enhanced pumps, improved algorithms, smart nozzles and energy-saving internal components. With these enhancements, the new Accusmart uses an estimated 50% less electricity compared to the previous model.

The team has already begun producing and shipping the dispensers.

To learn more about the products, click here.



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