Fluid Management Hosts Book Fair for Local Elementary School

Company News
May 28, 2019

Fluid Management (FM), a unit of IDEX which manufactures paint dispensing and mixing equipment in Wheeling, Illinois (USA), continued their partnership with Jane Addams Elementary school in nearby Palatine this month.

In their third year of the partnership, FM employees have assisted in several projects, including volunteering at the schools’ track and field day, science night, literacy night, funding the “One School One Book” program and more.

Recently, 31 FM employees hosted their 2nd Book Fair for Jane Addam’s students. FM Employees setup the book store, helped students select books, and even read books to younger students throughout the day.

In collaboration with the IDEX Foundation, 581 students were able to select up to $20 worth of books and the school received additional books worth $2,500 to add to the library.

“Although the U.S. High School Graduation Rates are improving, there are still far too many students that do not finish high school,” said Mark Bishop, VP of Human Resources at Fluid Management. “Research suggests that children who develop a passion for books have a higher likelihood of finishing. Our team has done some really terrific work to encourage a love of learning and staying in school.”

Located near FM’s office, Jane Addams Elementary school serves students from Pre-K through 6th grade.


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