Akron Brass Releases Mercury Quick Attack LE Portable Monitor

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July 31, 2019

Akron Brass, which manufactures firefighting nozzles, valves, monitors and vehicle electronics, recently announced the release of the Mercury Quick Attack LE Portable Monitor.

Working closely with a panel of emergency responders, Akron Brass developed the Mercury Quick Attack LE to help firefighters extinguish fires from a variety of angles.

With an elevation range between 10° and 50°, the portable monitor enables firefighters to hit low and high targets with a reach of up to 250 feet.

When seconds count, the compact, 15-pound monitor is quick to deploy and allows firefighters to reach the seat of a fire with ease.


Additional Features Include:


– New adjustable Mercury Nozzle that meets NPFA 1964 and EN 15767-2 standards

– Adjustable Mercury nozzle is the only fog nozzle with the reach of a smooth bore nozzle

– Oscillating nozzle for unmanned operation

– Knurled handle for improved grip

– Handle wiper to minimize debris collection

– Carbide tip spikes for added wear resistance

– Strap attached with bag for easy stowing

– Ability to combine monitor with a storage bracket and multiple Masterstream nozzles


To see the product in action, click here

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