Akron Brass Centennial Dinner

Company News
January 7, 2019

Akron Brass, celebrated its 100th Anniversary by hosting a dinner for employees and their guests at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster, Ohio last month.

With over 250 people in attendance, several stories of product innovation, excellent leadership and reinvestment practices were shared throughout the evening. Past presidents and current customers extended their congratulations through video messages shared at the event.

As the night came to a close, President of Fire Suppression Bill Simmons and Vice President of Akron Brass Danny Teixeira presented the company’s achievements and goals for the future.

“To reach 100 years in business requires a strong sense of purpose, balanced conservatism with risk, careful innovation,” Teixeira said. “Most importantly, however, are the people within the company that make all of these things possible. Each of you have been a part of the Akron Brass family and have forged this company into what it is today through your hard work and dedication.

By continuing to build upon the history and legacy of what has made Akron Brass the great company that it is today and leveraging the additional strength of IDEX and the people in this room, we will undoubtedly see another 100 years as a company,” he said.

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