Hear What It’s Like to Work at IDEX

IDEX is a great place to work, but don’t take our word for it. Here are some thoughts from some of the talented, hard-working people who come to IDEX every day committed to providing trusted solutions that improve lives.

I joined IDEX after spending several years working for a larger corporation. One of the most attractive things about IDEX was that it has all of the benefits of working for a large corporation – continued learning and training, recognition in the industry, and advancement opportunities around the world – while feeling like a smaller company within my business unit. Since joining IDEX, I have been promoted to a management position, have been able to travel to Canada, Europe and many locations domestically, and have received valuable training and development opportunities to accelerate my career.

Matthew Browne

Materials Manager- Fluid Management
I love that IDEX gives me the opportunity to lead a business the way my team and I want to within a healthy framework. We want to drive a constructive culture, build a great team and build the business guided by our customer while getting enough support from the broader company to do that well.

Chiragi Thakor

Human Resources Leader- IDEX India
IDEX Health & Science is helping to improve global healthcare by providing innovative solutions to our customers who are developing in vitro diagnostic instruments and DNA sequencers. We leverage our technical expertise, our applications knowledge, and our broad portfolio of products in fluidics, optics and microfluidics to help customers achieve their goals.

Joe Rytell

Vice President/General Manager In Vitro Diagnostics & Biotech Markets- IDEX Health & Science
In emerging markets at IDEX, we now employ more than 400 very talented people who come from different backgrounds and cultures. They find that IDEX is an organization open to diversity of people and thoughts- where we continuously empower people and create an environment for leadership development at every level. We are investing in developing our talent to unleash their full potential and enable rapid growth. Locally, we are becoming an employer of choice. It has been 20 years of excitement for me at IDEX and I am eager to see how we continue to grow as an organization.

Rajesh Prasad

President – Emerging Markets
We are a growing company and with that comes the opportunity for everyone, including myself, to grow and to continue to be their best.

Maggie Pan

Finance Controller- IDEX China (Suzhou)
At IDEX, we all work together and never against each other. If one business or location needs assistance, other businesses are always willing to help out when needed.

Nadine Adomat

Site Leader – Vetter
At IDEX, improving lives starts with the lives of our employees, who put their heart and soul into the products going into their own communities.

Rahul Sharma

Director of IT- Corporate Office