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Fire & Safety/Diversified Products

The Fire & Safety/Diversified Products business segment at IDEX includes a broad range of high-value, in-demand niche products serving discerning and geographically diverse end market customers.  Featuring a few well-known branded products like the Jaws of LifeĀ® and BAND-IT, FSD supports a wide array of industries and applications found in everyday life.  The four segment components of FSD include: 1)Rescue, 2) Fire, 3) Fastening Systems and 4) Dispensing.

Fire & Safety/Diversified Products Businesses

Fire Suppression Group (Akron/Class 1/Godiva/Hale/Weldon)
Truck-mounted and portable fire pumps; foam and compressed air foam systems; pump modules and pump kits; apparatus, hydrant, gate and butterfly valves; truck-mounted and portable monitors; industrial fire suppression systems; handline nozzles; foam tubes and eductors; scene lighting; vehicle interior and exterior lights; electric and manual reels; hand tools; electrical supply & distribution; multiplexing systems; electronic controls and information systems; conventional and networked electrical systems and mechanical components for fire, rescue and specialty vehicle markets.

IDEX Rescue (HURST Jaws of Life, LUKAS, Dinglee, VETTER)
Hydraulic Rescue Tools (Jaws of Life), Hydraulic re-railing equipment, Hydraulic lifting & positioning devices for various industrial applications, Pneumatic Lifting Bags for Disaster Recover, Lifting Bags for Aircraft Recovery, Emergency Shoring Equipment.

Engineered band clamping systems: band and buckle, preformed and flat clamps and ties, and color-coated band and clamps, made from a variety of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials; associated powered production and hand-installation tools; hose fittings; cable management and identification systems; and mounting systems for traffic and safety signs and signals.

Fast & Fluid Management
A complete range of manual and automatic precision dispensing and mixing systems, software and service solutions for custom formulations at point-of-use or point-of-sale applications in retail, in-plant and commercial environments.