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We work as a team to win, for our customers, shareholders, and employees. The IDEX Operating Model allows us to have a common language and culture across IDEX. When applied, the operating model provides a proven framework to help achieve business goals and objectives.

Our Strategy

We are focused as ever on growth:reinvesting in new products and markets to drive organic growth; acquiring complementary technologies to our existing offerings; and building a culture of excellence to deliver exceptional performance to our customers and shareholders.

The IDEX Operating Model serves as our set of processes to deliver those expected results. Our model engenders the spirit, tool generation and rapid deployment of best practices necessary to achieve our goals and consistent results for our customers anywhere in the world.

Goal Deployment Process (GDP)is a five-step thought process that drives the linkage between breakthrough strategy and tactics through sustainable process construction. It is a systematic approach to the management of change in critical business processes leading to sustainable breakthrough performance

8020 is the process deployed by IDEX businesses to accelerate profitable growth by committing "focused" resources to the highest value market, product and customer opportunities.

Daily Management is a cross-functional daily process for managing the prioritization of critical success factors to effectively execute the Order-to-Cash process. It provides the foundation for Continuous Improvement. 

Performance Management involves setting and prioritizing clear goals for individuals, providing regular and candid feedback, planning for employee development, and evaluating employees progress during the formal review process.

Annual Operating Plan (AOP) is a detailed plan from which performance is measured throughout the year. AOPs reflect initiatives identified in STRAP and include detailed financials at a consolidated business unit level.

Product Line Strategy & Innovation is a process to formulate a three year strategy for a product line and/or business line within a platform or business unit. It defines how we intend to grow our business profitably, improve business performance, address emerging strategic opportunities and /or threats, and identify where innovation initiatives are required to implement the chosen strategy.

Monthly Business Review (MBR) is a monthly meeting held to discuss individual and Product Line team scorecards focused on progress toward objectives. Teams apply problem-solving tools to issues that are impacting their performance to ensure that business results will remain on schedule to meet the Annual Operating Plan (AOP).

Organization & Talent Cycle (OTC) is a structured process to assess the needs of the business strategy against the current organizational structure and employees capability which results in a plan to leverage strengths and address gaps.

Lean Enterprise is the creation of additional value for our customers, shareholders and IDEX colleagues by standardizing business processes and eliminating waste and non-value added activities through the use of Lean Enterprise tools, Rapid Improvement Events and flow.